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Biological industry cluster

Zhongguancun has achieved numerous innovative results in the biopharmaceutical sector with its world-class R&D innovation ability.

The R&D of new drugs, such as Nimotuzumab – a humanized monoclonal antibody for solid tumor treatment developed by Biotech Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, New-generation Endostar – a vasoinhibitor antitumor drug from Protgen Ltd, is approaching the international level.

The R&D of Sinovac Biotech Ltd in SARS, human bird flu and influenza-A vaccines is synchronous with the developed countries. The biochip from CapitalBio Corporation, the MRI medical diagnostic system and anesthesia workstation from Beijing Wandong Medical Equipment Co Ltd, the interventional cardiology of Lepu Medical and other medical equipment independently researched and developed by China have substituted import products.

In addition, the phytase transgenic maize of Arigin Agritech Limited, and the premixed feed, a new-type interferon for veterinary use and other bio-agricultural technologies and products from Da Bei Nong Group, are all in the national leading position.

According to the Outline of the Development Plan of Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone (2011-2020), in the next decade, the park will expand its biopharmaceutical industry cluster, improve high-end manufacturing and pharmaceutical R&D service and accelerate the development of new-type vaccines, protein antibodies, diagnostic reagents and other key biopharmaceutical products and technologies.

In addition, the park will also promote the selection of crops, animal husbandry products, aquatic products and other fine bio-agricultural varieties, and make breakthroughs in the key technologies of enzyme engineering, metabolic engineering, cellulose ethanol, micro-algae biodiesel and other industrial biological sectors.

The park will also develop the outsourcing of biotechnological R&D and health management service, promote the industrialization of independent innovation results and realize large-scale development of biopharmaceutical, bio-agricultural and bio-manufacturing industries.


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Founder, board chairman and CEO of Baidu


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Founder of Lenovo


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President of Huaqi Information Group


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