Anhui in My Eyes
Enchanted by waters of the Huangshan Furong Valley
Old streets in Anhui serve as a repository of history
Tuojian, a beautiful peak of the Dabie Mountains
A visit to the holy Jiuhua
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Useful tel numbers of Anhui transporation

Pan-Chaohu Tourism Area

Hefei City

Luogang Airport Ticket Office

Tel: 0086-0551-3401197

Hefei Tongda Tourism Service Co. Ltd

Tel: 0086-0551-2623399

Hefei Passenger Bus Service

Tel: 0086-0551-4243311

Hefei West Railway Station

Tel: 0086-0551-5571833

Hefei Passenger Bus West Station

Tel: 0086-0551-5310387

Hefei Railway Website:


Chaohu City

Chaohu Railcom Comprehensive Information Service Center

Tel: 0086-0565-2114567

Chaohu Bus Station

Tel: 0086-0565-2313455


Chuzhou City

Chuzhou Railway Station

Tel: 0086-0550-2114222

Chuzhou Bus Central Station

Tel: 0086-0550-3022951


Lu'an City

Lu'an Railcom Comprehensive Information Service Center

Tel: 0086-0564-3994066

Lu'an West Passenger Station

Tel: 0086-0564-3276555


Anqing City

Anqing Tianzhushan Airport Co. Ltd.

Tel: 0086-0556-5543848

Anqing Railway Station

Tel: 0086-0556-5027132

Anqing Bus Station

Tel: 0086-0556-5513373

Anqing Hubing Bus Station

Tel: 0086-0556-8718833

Anqing Port Passenger Station

Tel: 0086-0556-5217208