Anhui in My Eyes
Enchanted by waters of the Huangshan Furong Valley
Old streets in Anhui serve as a repository of history
Tuojian, a beautiful peak of the Dabie Mountains
A visit to the holy Jiuhua
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Useful tel numbers of Anhui transporation

South Anhui Tourism Area

Huangshan City

Huangshan Airport

Tel: 0086-0559-2934111 (Ticket Office)

Huangshan Railway Station

Tel: 0086-0559-2116222

Huangshan Passenger Bus General Station

Tel: 0086-0559-2566666

Huangshan Tourism Center

Tel: 0086-0559-5572610


Wuhu City

Wuhu Air Ticket Center

Tel: 0086-0553-3850628

Wuhu Guotian Tourism Air Ticket Service Co.

Tel: 0086-0553-3836666

Wuhu Railway Station

Tel: 0086-0553-3120000

Wuhu Long-Distance Bus Station

Tel: 0086-0553-3118300


Tongling City

Tongling Railway Station

Tel: 0086-0562-2119090

Tongling Long-Distance Bus Station

Tel: 0086-0562-2889104


Ma'anshan City

Ma'anshan Railway Station

Tel: 0086-0555-2404000

Ma'anshan Long-Distance Passenger Bus Co. Ltd.

Tel: 0086-0555-2472374

Ma'anshan Passenger Wharf

Tel: 0086-0555-2845044


Chizhou City

Chizhou Bus Station

Tel: 0086-0566-2717088


Xuancheng City

Xuancheng Railway Station

Tel: 0086-0563-2824161

Xuancheng Bus Transportation General Corp.

Tel: 0086-0563-3024152

Xuancheng Taxi Administration Station

Tel: 0086-0563-2810055

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