Daniel Craig is UK's best dressed man

Updated: 2008-04-02 09:11

James Bond actor Daniel Craig

James Bond actor Daniel Craig was named 'Britain's Best Dressed Man' for the second consecutive year by men's magazine GQ.

The first blond Bond was joined in the top 10 by fellow Hollywood stars Daniel Day Lewis, James McAvoy and Jude Law.

But there was bad news for future king Prince William, who was named Britain's sixteenth worst dressed man, a list topped for the second consecutive year by comedian Russell Brand.

But three other British princes made it into the best dressed list. William's brother, Harry, his father, Charles, and even his grandfather, Philip, all feature in the top 50 of Britain's best dressed men.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is third on the list of worst dressed men, but there was better news for opposition. Conservative leader David Cameron was named eighth best dressed man, his third top 10 appearance in a row.

The two main candidates for London's mayoral election were also given the sartorial thumbs-down. Incumbent Labour mayor Ken Livingstone was the country's 11th worst dressed man but his Conservative rival Boris Johnson fared only slightly better, coming 14th on the list.

Footballer David Beckham's ability to polarize opinion has seen him included in both lists. The former England captain was named sixth best dressed and ninth worst dressed man. Beckham topped the best dressed list in 2002, 2003 and 2004 but lost his title to fellow footballer Rio Ferdinand in 2005.

Formula One star Lewis Hamilton was a newcomer to the best dressed list, entering in fifteenth place.



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