Pop star Ashlee Simpson, hip hop artiste Fergie and actress Brittany Snow have signed up for the Seventeen magazine Body Peace Project, a treaty to change young girls' perception of their bodies.

English menu stir fries food for thought

The process of standardizing a menu translation is a double-edged sword. It removes the ambiguity and unintended humor, for sure. But then it takes away the fun and the rich connotation too.

Who is that naked dude from Sex and the City?

French model-actor Gilles Marini has built his career by dressing up, so he is stunned that his major break has come from stripping down and appearing naked, completely naked, in the hit movie Sex and the City.

A model displays a creation from Maria Bonita Extra's 2009 spring/summer collection during Fashion Rio Show in Rio de Janeiro.

Jimmy Choo footwear fanatics had scarce opportunity to indulge their fetish a few months ago, but not now.
Fifty-year-old Wen Jingfeng has been interviewed many times by Chinese and foreign media. However, the Beijinger still feels self-conscious posing for pictures.
Hilton's mother doesn't want her daughter to rush into marriage. Kathy Hilton thinks Paris should take her time to decide whether Madden is the right man.
Britney Spears is to make an appearance in the new Pussycat Dolls video. The troubled singer was spotted in Burbank, California, yesterday.