Pictures of me

By Wu Ni ( Shanghai Star ) Updated: 2015-01-31 06:22:54

3. Panasonic GF7

Pictures of me

Price: $600

Panasonic launched its selfie-friendly camera Lumix GF7 early this month. This 16-megapixel mirrorless camera features an adjustable 3-inch touchscreen so you can frame your shot. It automatically enters selfie mode when you fl ip the screen up all the way. There's Face Shutter, which fires a picture when you wave your hand, and a Buddy Shutter, that takes a shot when the camera senses two faces in the frame. There's another trick when you pair the camera with a smartphone. Using your phone's accelerometer, "Jump Snap" calculates when you reach the apex of a jump and snaps a shot at that moment. In other words, it has a Nerf basketball selfie mode.

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