Coconut water brand debuts in China

By Xu Lin ( ) Updated: 2014-09-11 14:22:12

The Vita Coco coconut water brand from the United States had its debut in China on Sept 9 through a joint venture with Reignwood Group, which acquired a 25-percent shareholding to establish Vita Coco China.

Chinese customers can purchase Vita Coco in 330 ml and 1 liter packages in seven cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The brand is targeting high-end urban consumers, and plans to expand its distribution product range.

Since its establishment in 2004, the brand has attracted many Hollywood stars and Western celebrities for its health benefits, such as Madonna and Demi Moore, who are also investors. The juice of young green coconuts is fat-free and without cholesterol, and offers a fast replenishment of electrolytes for fitness. Its rich potassium improves hydration after strenuous exercise.

"China holds great potential as one of the most strategic international markets. We have been waiting for a chance to enter the market for some time, so this represents a major milestone for our global expansion," said Michael Kirban, co-founder and global CEO of Vita Coco at a press conference in Beijing.

He is confident Vita Coco will become the best-selling coconut water in China, with Reignwood’s advantageous local resources and rich experience in moving consumer goods. As a pioneer of energy beverages in China, Reignwood is a multinational company engaging in globalization and diversified businesses.

"Chinese people have more demand for a healthy lifestyle now, so Vita Coco is just the product to meet such demand due to its fashionable and pure natural features. I believe healthy and natural sports beverages are very trendy," said Yasmin Lu, CEO of Vita Coco China.

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