Fried food more dangerous to people with fat genes

( ) Updated: 2014-03-23 13:25:47

People with genes that make them at a higher risk of obesity are twice likely to gain on weight from eating fried food than those with a lower genetic risk.

It is known a fact that genes play an important role on peoples’ figures.

The study shows evidence of how the genetic makeup interacts with diets to determine the risk of putting on weigh.

Researchers at Harvard analyzed data of food consumption from 37,000 men and women.

Based on the 32 different gene variants, they also assessed the genetic risk of the participants.

They found out that those in the most genetic risk were twice likely to be obese if they ate fried food four times a week or more compared to those with lowest risk.

"We got highly consistent results, which show that the genetic background and consumption of fried food moderate each other’s effect on obesity," said assistant professor Lu Qi, from the Harvard School of Public Health.

"Our findings emphasize the importance of reducing fried food consumption in the prevention of obesity, particularly in individuals genetically predisposed to adiposity," added Qi

"It’s difficult for people to reduce their consumption of delicious food. Fried food is really delicious, but it’s harmful," Oi said.

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