7 anti-aging foods

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Food is always the best weapon to fight against time rather than using cosmetics and health products. The food on the following list will help you to keep fit, maintain a healthy heart, increase immunity and spend everyday happily.

7 anti-aging foods

Parmesan cheese from Italy is finding favor in China after 10 years of promotion. Daniele MattiolI / for China Daily

Key words: avoid memory loss

Fresh cheese will contribute to memory improvement because of its linoleic acid. It is also good for your bones due to the high calcium level.

Eggs, milk, whole-wheat bread, peanut butter, green pepper, cauliflower, pork liver and oysters are also good for your memory.

A cup of red wine everyday is good for the nerve cells.

7 anti-aging foods

Garlic helps kill contaminants

7 anti-aging foods

Vitamins may not prevent diseases 

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