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Screen darlings scorch Cannes red carpet

(China Daily)
Updated: 2011-05-13 19:23
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In what appears to be an annual happening, Chinese actresses have been wowing Cannes International Film Festival fans with their dazzling dresses. Last year, Fan Bingbing caused a commotion with her yellow "Dragon Robe" and went all out again with a red-crowned crane dress this year, which she says represents peace.

Actresses Gong Li, in a long, flowing black dress, and Yuan Li also attended the festival, although no Chinese films were nominated this year.

Actor Deng Chao recently confirmed he registered his marriage to long-term girlfriend Sun Li in February 2010 and will likely hold a wedding banquet in Shanghai in the near future.

Now the rumor mill is saying Sun is pregnant. Southern Entertainment Weekly reports say Deng accompanied Sun on a trip to the city's Huashan Hospital and suggests that it was for a pregnancy checkup. Double happiness!

Elvis Tsui has been causing a commotion on his micro blog after criticizing Ren Zhiqiang, chairman of real estate developer Huayuan Group.

Apparently, the Hong Kong actor has had some problems with leaking water in his Beijing apartment and unlike most mortals, who notify the apartment block supervisor, Tsui decided to go straight to the top.

"Hi, Mr Ren, I bought an apartment in Beijing, but water always leaks from cracks in the surface of the roof," Tsui wrote.

"However, the developer said the building meets the national standard. I'd like to hear what you have to say. Thanks!"

The celebrity grumble surprisingly generated an Internet buzz, according to Guangzhou Daily. His message was re-tweeted tens of thousands of times and drew more than 5,000 replies, many of them referring to the actor's tough man image.

"No matter how strong and tough you are, you succumb to the real estate developer," one netizen wrote. "Golden Hair Lion King (one of Tsui's classic violent characters), please roar! Come on," responded another.

Another actor, Li Yapeng, was also busy posting updates of his life situation this week, when he uploaded a jpg of his newly acquired student card on his Sina Weibo micro blog on Tuesday.

The 39-year-old, who is married to mainland songbird Faye Wong, added that he felt reborn after becoming a student of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.

"Two decades ago, I transferred to the Central Academy of Drama from a engineering college, and now I have entered business school," Li said.

"Every change brings me something new, as well as confusions and delights. It's like a rebirth, and I like it!"

His celebrity friend Vicky Zhao congratulated him and singer Na Ying kidded: "How many female students are there in your class?"

Finally, at a press conference held in Beijing on Monday, Taiwan actor Coco Sun apologized for taking drugs and denied he was a stool pigeon.

Sun was detained for using and possessing drugs in April and spent 19 days in detention before being released.

"My wrongdoing had a terribly negative effect," Sun said. "As a public figure, I should shoulder my responsibility. At this moment, I must say, 'I'm sorry!'"

"The police have already declared the so-called 'list' was a lie," Sun said of news that has been circulating, claiming he supplied police with a list of celebrity drug takers. "It was my personal misconduct and had nothing to do with anyone else in showbiz."

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