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Laowai’s “list” in savoring the new China

By Hu Zhicheng | | Updated: 2008-09-25 09:30

The Most Unaccustomed

Winner: No need to tip

Nominations: Everyone rushed to say “it’s my treat today.”

Tipping varies among cultures and in some countries failing to give an adequate tip when one is expected would be considered very miserly or even a violation of etiquette. However, tipping is not something you need to worry about during your visit to China. If you still decide to leave a tip, like the change leftover after a meal, don’t mind the wooden expression of the waiter.

Laowai’s “list” in savoring the new China

The Most Favorite Recreation

Winner: Karaoke

Nominations: Mahjong, Dou Di Zhu ( Fight the landlord, a popular card game in China)

In contrast with playing Mahjong and Dou Di Zhu, which need a bit of professional knowledge to follow the complicated rules, lending voice in the ubiquitous Karaoke Box is more acceptable for foreign travelers. No wonder currently so many foreigners sing Chinese popular songs with such clear articulation and a mellow tone

 Laowai’s “list” in savoring the new China

The Most Recognizable Part of a Chinese Beauty

Winner: Chinese eye (with single-fold eyelids and outer corners going up)

Nominations: Chinese shyness, good-natured personality

Big eyes and Roman nose? It’s absolutely not the criterion for foreigners to judge a Chinese beauty. Most of them still overtly obsessed with the unique Chinese eyes, considering the huge popularity of such Chinese American celebrities as Lucy Liu. Beauty can only be understood by the beholder.

The Most Recognizable Chinese Cultural Symbols

Winner: Siheyuan (Chinese Courtyard House)

Nominations: Lanterns, Facial Makeup of Beijing Opera

In ancient times, a spacious Siheyuan was customarily occupied by a large and extended family, signifying wealth and prosperity. Nowadays, most remaining Siheyuan are used as tourist destinations or mass housing complexes, leaving slim chance for ordinary people to live in. During the Olympic Games, a large number of foreign travelers scrambled to live in the over-priced Siheyuan rather than the much cheaper average hotel rooms.

Laowai’s “list” in savoring the new China

The Most Eager-to-learn Chinese Heritage

Winner: Kung fu

Nominations: Cross Talk Art, Beijing Opera

Kung fu is possibly the earliest and most popular Chinese term to gain currency all over the world. From the legendary Bruce Lee to the extraordinary Jackie Chan, many foreigners are developing into kung fu fanatics, just like the loveable Po in the Kung Fu Panda, a Hollywood animation hit that grossed over $200 million North America this summer.

So there you have it – a quick list of all the things foreigners wallowed in and around China during this special time in history. The 2008 Beijing Olympics may officially drew to an end, but the inordinate passion in exploring the New China will definitely be sustained over a long period of time.

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