Food security, rural environment top No.1 document

( CNTV ) Updated: 2014-01-20 15:31:48

This is the 11th year in a row that Central government’s first policy document of the year, known as the Number 1 document focuses on agriculture. Food security and improving rural environment security are high on the agenda.

The document says China will begin to draw up strategies to ensure food security and improve the pricing system for agricultural products. It says China should preserve its 120 million hectares of farmland, usually known as the "red line".

The document also promises more support to agriculture with more subsidies, an improved compensation mechanism, investment in infrastructure and boosting mechanization of agriculture.

It outlines the importance of environmental protection. It says China will work on resolving environmental constraints such as water shortages. Land reform is highlighted. And China will deepen reform to allow transfer of land management rights.

On the financial front, China will provide more financial services to agriculture and encourages setting up new financial organizations to help attract investment.

China will provide more public services in the countryside, including health care, education and infrastructure construction. The document also says China will improve rural governance.

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