Zhang Dan and his “Yangjenma” bar

( China Tibet Online ) Updated: 2013-10-30 10:59:02

Born in 1980s in Gansu province, Zhang Dan is a Japanese major graduated from one foreign language college in Beijing. "Yangjenma" means "fairy with mellifluous voice" in Tibetan, like Muse in Greek mythology. Zhang Dan's "Yangjenma" is a mini bar with only four tables situated deep in the lanes of Barkor.

Opening "Yangjenma" bar comes from an idea Zhang came upon on his bicycle trip to Tibet in 2009. Like many people in Beijing, Zhang headed into the hustle and bustle of life struggling to cover the rent and living expenses after his graduation in 2009.

When one of his university alumnus asked him whether he wanted to join in a riding trip to Tibet, he said yes without much hesitation. After resigning from his job, he spent over 20 days riding to Lhasa. That time he traveled a lot but returned to Beijing instead of staying in Lhasa.

Lhasa has left an indelible impression on Zhang Dan since then. "I always recalled the clear sky, crowded teahouses selling sweet buttered tea and the azure Yardrok Yutso Lake. I'm afraid that one day I will go to Lhasa in disregard of other things," said Zhang Dan.

To relieve his pining for Tibet, he would return to Lhasa whenever he had holiday. This way of life lasted for two years until the end of 2011. "I don't know why. Unlike those who chose to go hiking in Metok, I'd rather spent a whole day idling in a teahouse. That made me so happy and satisfied."

Zhang has been back to Lhasa "completely" since the end of 2011 and opened a bar with the alumnus who invited him to his first riding trip in Lhasa.

Yangjenma is not eye-catching among diverse bars run by young people who love culture and arts in Lhasa. It is not so musically conspicuous as "Low House" bar, not having a crazy boss that "Damp Bridge" bar has, even not as gorgeous as "Big Door" bar. However, it has attracted many celebrities as Faye Wong and Annie Baby. They were all guests in Yangjenma.

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