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By Xu Junqian ( Shanghai Star ) Updated: 2014-11-14 10:37:11

Qin's tips for food and fashion

Which fashion designers or brands do you think have been overlooked?

Nicole Zhang (张旭) and Comme Moi by Lv Yan (吕燕)

I am recommending Lv Yan and her work not only because she is also a model and a close friend of mine, but she also has the expertise of knowing what's good on people and what's not from wearing so many clothes. I have bought a lot (of this season's Comme Moi).

Where do you go shopping in Shanghai?

I rarely shop in Shanghai. I usually do my shopping in New York.

What places do you recommend for eating out?

I have a long list. One of the best things about Shanghai is its diversity of food, unparalleled by any city in the world.

For the upcoming winter, I suggest Chunqiu (Spring and Autumn,春秋火锅) Hotpot, where the seafood and meat are really fresh. (581 Fuxing Road M, Huangpu district, 021-3363-2928, 复兴中路581号)

For something Western, I recommend a French bistro with a little Chinese twist, Petit. (89 Taixing Road, Jing’an district, 021-6271-7039, 泰兴路89号)

And there is this Korean barbecue restaurant, where I go and have a big feast every time I come back to Shanghai. It's Weimei Beef and Barbecue (味美牛肉AND烤肉店) (13 Cuiyu Road S, Changning district, 021-5033-9979) (Editor’s note: the restaurant is currently closed for renovation. Do call before going.)

What's the must-have fashion item for the winter?

An oversized coat in black, white or grey.

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