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  Baigongfang: Louvre, China Style
Beijing Baigongfang is the largest handicraft development and production center in China.
  Rock as the Chinese Rock!
Rock music has been destined to brand itself with Chinese characteristics since its first import to China in the early 1980s.
  Ancient Incense Craze
The perfumes were not only used to pamper the nose, but also represented a way of life.
  The Search for Living Buddha
There are presently more than one hundred Living Buddhas in Tibet. The well known Dalai and Panchen are the most superior Living Buddhas.
  Tea Sets, Art of Living
Chinese people set high requirements for the match of tea of different quality with water and tea wares, since the harmonious combination of function, material, and color of tea ware is essential to excellent tea.
  'Black UFOs' In Fujian Mountains
American researchers once described these building complexes as like "like something from another planet."
  Beijing's New Capital Museum
Located on Fuxingmenwai Dajie,Beijing's new Capital Museum , is a five-storey building allowing for a maximum of 13 concurrent exhibitions, which can be viewed in about 5 hours at the price of 20 yuan (US$2.50) per visitor.
  Music:Grand Songs of the Dong Ethnic Minority
Grand songs, known as galao among the locals, are the most representative public chorus of the Dong people.
  Female role in Peking opera
Peking Opera Roles include sheng (male role), dan (female role), jing (painted-face male role), and chou (comedic male role), distinguished on the basis of sex, age, and personality.
  Tang Beauty Once More(1)
As the capital of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), which marked a high point along the axis of the Chinese civilization, Chang'an was once the dreamland of fashion aficionados.It was where out-and-out beauty was one thousand years ago: the Tang beauty.
  Tang Beauty Once More(2)
Fashion is almost a fulltime job for women, both in ancient or modern times. It could not be more stunning to find that fashionable Tang women and today's trendsetters do share some similarities in cosmetic taste.
  Fengxiang: cradle of clay sculpture
The colors of Fengxiang figurines are extremely bright, and with intensive contrasts. With a black outline, they are primarily scarlet, green and yellow.
  Eight Sacred Emblems of Buddhism in Tibet
In Tibet, there are symbols on the walls of almost every temple, shrine and monastery, and on many private houses. The most common decorative motifs are the Eight Sacred Emblems of Buddhism.
  Chinese cooking(1): Five elements
"The Five Elemental Energies of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water encompass all the myriad phenomena of nature. It is a paradigm that applies equally to humans."

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