Tea Sets, Art of Living

Updated: 2007-05-16 09:15

"Water is the mother of tea, and Teapot is the father."

Ever since tea appeared in the life of the Chinese as early as the Neolithic Age, whether it was used for medicinal purposes or simply for drinking, it has been accompanied by exquisite tea sets.

Originally, tea was taken as medicine in China. For years, liquor was the dominant drink when entertaining guests, but by the third century A.D., tea began to be appreciated as a healthful, refreshing drink and was served in cups on trays.

It was not until the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.), when tea became a popular drink all over the country, that tea ware established its own system of function and appreciation, separating from other eating and drinking utensils.

Over its long history, tea ware has formed the family of teapots, cups, tea bowls and trays, and can be made of ivory, gold, silver, copper, purple clay, porcelain, glass, lacquer and any other materials available, which not only enhance the tea quality but also nurture an art of living for Chinese.

Tea Sets, Art of Living

Tea Sets, Art of Living

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