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  China to build world's largest national park
Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has planned to build the world's largest national park by integrating the scattered neighboring tourist resorts into a whole.
  Desert expansion threatening Mogao Grottoes
Kumtag, China's sixth largest desert, is expanding by one to four meters eastward annually, posing a threat to the Mogao Grottoes.
  Cloisonné Enamel Wares
Its shape is a rectangle with curved handles. The surface is painted with chrysanthemum.
  A Tasty Recipe for Revolution
Legend has it a humble cake overthrew the Mongolian empire and began a new era in China.
  The Custom of Crying Marriage
The bride may cry in different ways with diversified words, which was also called "Crying Marriage Song"...
  China Has No Plan to Excavate Qin Mausoleum
The mausoleum of China's first emperor Qinshihuang, near which the world-famous terracotta army was unearthed, would stay underground in peace in the foreseeable future.
  Women's Script
Nushu (women's script) is composed of very strange characters, which feature strange shapes, a strange way of marking, strange social functions and history.
  Four-Girl Mountain
Among the Henduan Mountains, there are four adjacent peaks that comprise the 450-square-km Four-Girl Mountain Range.
  Characteristics of Chinese Gardens
Chinese gardens carry out processing and transformation of the original terrain and land form by following the principle of "making it seem like nature"
  Xun: Sound of Autumn
Ancient Chinese described the music of the oval-shaped wind instrument Xun as the sound of autumn.
  Japan's Shadow Play Performs in Hangzhou
Tokyo's leading Kageboushi Theatre Company brings shadowgraph "Taketori Monogatari" to Hangzhou audience on August 21st.
  Chinese Valentine's Day
In the legend, the cowherd and the Weaving Maid will meet on a bridge of magpies across the Milky Way once a year.
  Huizhou Woodcarving
Huizhou Woodcarving boasts the most exquisite craftsmanship representative of the "Four Huizhou Carvings"...
  Dress Changing Ceremony for the Yi Girls
Dress Changing Ceremony," which is held for grown-up Yi girls.
  Tshatsha: An Exotic Flower of Tibetan Buddhist Art
Tshatsha, a literal translation from a Sanskrit word which mean "copy" in English, stands for small clay sculptures cut from a mold
  Secrets of the Temple of Heaven
A world-class artistic treasure, Beijing's Temple of Heaven has many stories behind its architectural charm.
  Artistic Jewelry Shining with Charm
Six pieces of cultural relics that have been sorted out from among 13,329 pieces of stored gems around China in the past two years were unveiled in Beijing...
  Wind-Horse Flag
The Prayer Flag, or Wind-Horse Flag, can be seen hanging throughout the Tibetan Plateau and indeed, anywhere Tibetans live
  Longevity Lock
The longevity lock, also known as the "Baijiabao lock", which a baby wears on its hand or neck, expresses people's good wishes
  So Many People, So Few Surnames
Chinese surname culture has survived and developed over the past four or five thousand years. Surnames have been used to represent the origin of clans and families...

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