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Famous 'Three Body Problem' novel hits the stage in play

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-08-08 16:57 Comments

Famous 'Three Body Problem' novel hits the stage in play

Warriors of Emperor Qinshishuang (259 BC- 210 BC) are mimicking a computer operation pattern under the order of scientist Wang Miao. [Photo/IC]

Stage play of the phenomenon sci-fic novel, The Three Body Problem, was shown in Beijing last week as excited fans packing the performance hall.

The sci-fic play, which wowed the audiences with modern technology including glasses-free 3D technology, holographic display and unmanned aerial vehicle, is a vivid display of the original work.

"We only made slight changes of the original novel; about 85 percent was completely original. But we have reinforced the personality of the characters and played down some of the science parts," said the play's director Liu Fangqi.

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