Multicultural Britain doesn't need division

By Chris Peterson ( China Daily ) Updated: 2017-06-24 07:45:10

Modern Britain, particularly London, has always prided itself on multiculturalism, something that was never more evident when people of all faiths, backgrounds and cultures came together to stand united in the face of four bloody attacks, three by Islamic extremists and the last one, just last week, by a troubled white man.

But that unity risks being shattered by the aftermath of a massive fire that tore through a 24-floor apartment block in wealthy Notting Hill in West London and left 79 people missing and presumed dead.

First off Prime Minister Theresa May, under pressure over a spate of terror attacks as well as her party's divided stance over the terms of the deal being negotiated for Britain's exit from the European Union, made a series of blunders over the fire. Add to that the fragility of her position after she called an unnecessary general election, which saw her party losing majority in parliament, and you have the makings of chaos.

Multicultural Britain doesn't need division

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