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Animation studio files complaint in Haidian

Shanghai Animation Film Studio recently filed a copyright complaint against Zhejiang Radio and TV Group and video portal iQiyi with the Haidian district court in Beijing. The studio, owner of animation series Calabash Brothers, claimed that the Zhejiang group profited from viewers' nostalgic feelings toward the TV series popular in the 1980s by using a great deal of its scenes, roles, props and music in an episode of reality show Running Man produced by the group without authorization. iQiyi allowed the TV program to be broadcast on its online platform.


Harbin invention contest open for submissions

An invention competition designed for local colleges and universities is open to entries until June 10, with its opening ceremony held at Harbin University of Science and Technology in mid-April. Undergraduates, postgraduates and faculty staff members in the province are eligible to submit their inventions and industrial designs completed within two years before June 1. Patented inventions and designs are excluded from the competition.


Trade fair sees $570 million in deals signed

Copyright deals worth 3.9 billion yuan ($570 million) were signed at an East Asian innovative products trade fair in Qingdao in mid-April, an increase of 95 percent from last year's session. The event showcased the latest copyrighted products from more than 300 companies involved in the creative industry from China and abroad, such as press and publication, animation and games, films and TV programs, and music. It attracted some 100,000 visits.

Guangming Daily


Province leads nation in filings for 15th year

Individuals and organizations in Guangdong filed 24,000 international patent applications last year, topping the nation for 15 consecutive years, according to a news conference of the provincial government earlier this week. They owned 168,000 valid invention patents by the end of last year. At the same time, the province had 2 million valid trademarks, ranking top nationwide for 22 years.

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Court releases report on case resolutions

The Shanghai Intellectual Property Court released white papers on software copyright cases and patent cases at a judicial seminar last week. The reports show that between 2015 and 2016, the court investigated more than 1,000 patent cases, 657 of which have been concluded, and nearly 600 software copyright cases, 512 of which have been settled. Almost half of the software cases concerned apps used for sectors such as mobile games, medical services, education and makeup.

Legal Daily


Submitted applications increase by 65.9 percent

Individuals and organizations in Jiangxi filed 61,000 patent applications last year, increasing 65.9 percent from the year before. The growth rate topped other provinces and regions nationwide. More than half of Jiangxi patent applications have been filed through patent agencies. Every year, more than 400 people in the province apply to take the national patent agent examination.


Cultural heritage expo gathers folk artists

An international intangible cultural heritage expo, which was open to the public free of charge at the Venetian Macao Convention and Exhibition Center from April 6 to 10, gathered ancient artworks and showcased a variety of handicrafts and traditional performing arts. They included woodblock printing techniques originating from Yangzhou, Jiangsu province; Beijing-style handicrafts such as jade carving, ivory carving, cloisonne enamel, carved lacquer, and embroidery; Yueju Opera, which is popular in Zhejiang province; and face-changing stunts from Sichuan Opera.

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