Facebook CEO Zuckerberg wants to augment your reality

( China Daily ) Updated: 2017-04-21 07:09:48

SAN JOSE, Califonia - Facebook wants you to sit in your bedroom wearing a headset and take a virtual vacation with faraway friends and family. Or use your smartphone's camera to spruce up your dinky apartment, at least virtually.

The promise of augmented and virtual reality was a big focus of Facebook's annual conference for developers on Tuesday. CEO Mark Zuckerberg kicked off the gathering of programmers and other tech folks by talking about augmented reality tools he envisions on Facebook.

Augmented reality involves the overlay of computer-generated images into real-world surroundings. Zuckerberg said new phone-based applications might let you create a three-dimensional scene from a single two-dimensional photo or splatter the walls of your house with colorful digital art. You'd see the digital additions by looking "through" your phone at the augmented physical world.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg wants to augment your reality

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