Chefs cook up bites of spring as weather warms

By Mike Peters ( China Daily ) Updated: 2017-03-21 06:55:37

French chefs around the world are celebrating the joie de vivre and the joy of spring on Tuesday, but they have no monopoly on the season. We've checked around China for some good eats, from nibbles to big plates to what may be the reddest cocktail we've ever seen.

1 Parmesan Waffle, The Temple Cafe, Chengdu

Applying the in-vogue "Farm to Table" concept into his new spring menu, chef Jerome Merlo aims to provide authentic French food in a relaxed atmosphere. This season, he presents French bistro using the organic vegetables and herbs from The Temple House hotel's very own herb garden. Particularly entrancing: a waffle made of parmesan cheese and beer for a distinctive taste and texture. High-quality marinated mushrooms enrich this dish and give it a forest influence. Pecans add crunch, and the cream cheese ties everything together, he says. The assemblage is a modern bite that will especially please vegetarians and cheese lovers.

Chefs cook up bites of spring as weather warms

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