Make world great, with global governance

By Hans Boller-wu ( China Daily ) Updated: 2017-01-20 07:53:12

The world is in a state of great upheaval and faces uncertainties on an unprecedented scale: The upcoming US administration has noisily announced a break with the past without indicating a clear new direction, the European continent is more divided than ever, strategic trust is at a low point, and breathless national governments are in most cases not even able or willing to discuss broader issues of global concern.

But what is needed is concerted effort to bring the anarchic globalization that exists at present under a new regime of global cooperation.

Undoubtedly, the major powers will bear the biggest responsibility for this, and it will be them which have to come up with workable proposals to tackle the big problems of the world such as poverty eradication, climate change, migration and security so as to make the world a peaceful, prosperous and good place to live for all.

Make world great, with global governance

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