Anti-graft body: no relief for fugitives overseas

By Zhang Yi ( China Daily ) Updated: 2016-08-24 09:02:22

One-third of the people listed by Interpol as China's 100 most-wanted corrupt officials and businesspeople have returned to the country to face justice and atone for their crimes. Zhang Yi reports.

"I feel ashamed of what I did, stealing public funds and fleeing to Singapore to avoid jail time in China. I don't deserve to be a Chinese citizen. I realize there is no point living a miserable life in a foreign country, because the rest of my days would be a mere existence on earth."

Those words, from a confessional letter written by Li Huabo, No 2 on a list of arrest warrants for China's 100 most-wanted economic fugitives published by Interpol last year, were made public for the first time at the weekend.

Anti-graft body: no relief for fugitives overseas

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