Trade pact 'adding strength' to relations

By Wu Yiyao ( China Daily ) Updated: 2016-04-15 07:36:07

The rise of China's middle class is creating huge opportunities for Australia's food, health and financial service sectors as the Land Down Under strives to offset slowing growth in iron ore exports.

The free trade agreement between the two countries, signed in June, is injecting new-energy into Australia's economy, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said during a speech in Shanghai on Thursday.

"It's adding strength, breadth and dynamism to the relationship between our two peoples. And the early export gains have been extraordinary. Beef and dairy exporters have captured the headlines, but they are closely followed by the cherry farmers of Tasmania, the cray fishermen of Geraldton and wine producers across the country," said Turnbull, who led a delegation of 1,000 business leaders during a visit to China.

Trade pact 'adding strength' to relations

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