Satellite network is going global

By Zhao Lei ( China Daily ) Updated: 2015-12-23 07:56:12

China plans to establish a remote-sensing satellite network with global coverage by setting up more ground stations overseas, a move that will facilitate public services in China and other nations, an industry insider said on Tuesday.

Yin Liming, president of China Great Wall Industry, the country's sole provider of commercial satellite launch services, told the Third Aerospace Internationalization Forum in Beijing that China is willing to work with foreign space agencies and international organizations to establish the network, which will mainly depend on Chinese-made satellites.

"By now, we have several ground stations in South America and Africa. We also installed a data applications station on the icebreaker Xuelong," Yin said. "Next, we want to set up more stations globally, namely on every continent as well as one in the Arctic, to promote the use of Chinese remote-sensing satellites and to speed up the transmission of satellite data."

Satellite network is going global

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