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( China Daily ) Updated: 2015-11-07 08:07:59

Forbidden treats near the Forbidden City

1 A restaurant next to the moat of the Forbidden City in Beijing opens its doors soon, after a trial opening last month. TRB Bites belongs to the chain Temple Restaurant Beijing.

The decor of the new restaurant is modern and playful, and seeks to create a dining ambiance that is laid back and free of the stuffiness of more traditional establishments. Guests are free to choose from a list of dishes, making up a three/four/five-course menu, costing 188 yuan ($29.50), 248 yuan and 288 yuan respectively. Diners will be able to select five salads or five main courses, spending the same amount. A note on the menu teasingly tells diners: "You decide what you want to eat. Go ahead, have three desserts if you like. We promise you: we don't judge and we won't tell."

Eat beat

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