Milan Expo a showcase of world disparity

By Fu Jing ( China Daily ) Updated: 2015-06-02 07:47:22

Shanghai 2010 World Expo was a huge success. Now, Milan hosts a World Expo which is dazzling, not least because of its theme of how to feed 9 billion people of our planet by 2050.

Full of innovative ideas, high-tech animations, lively interactive programs and delicious foods, the pavilions of Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Republic of Korea, Japan and China are arguably the main attractions at the 2015 World Expo.

The two days I spent at the expo last week were enlightening. But they were painful too, for I got to talk with the managers of Nepal and Haiti pavilions. The two countries have been hit by devastating earthquakes - Nepal in April this year and Haiti in January 2010.

Milan Expo a showcase of world disparity

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