Silk Road initiative to connect people's hearts

By Li Xiguang ( China Daily ) Updated: 2015-04-08 07:02:48

Today's world has two major economic zones: the Pacific economic zone and the Atlantic economic zone. But with the development and prosperity of the Silk Road Economic Belt, China and the Muslim-majority countries along the belt will become the world's most important economic zone. The 57 Muslim countries along the President Xi Jinping-proposed Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Maritime Century Silk Road account for one-fifth of the world's population, 70 percent of the world's energy and 50 percent of the natural resources. Added to this is the economic vitality of China, which is expected to become the world's largest economy in the coming decade.

But the Silk Road Economic Belt also faces some serious security problems. Geographically, Islamic countries occupy the most sensitive parts of the world, and control the strategic land and sea transport hubs. How then can the safety of the Silk Road Economic Belt be ensured?

The United States uses its military power and military bases around the world to defend its global status and the power of the dollar. But China's military spending is only one-sixth of the US. So how can China protect its hundreds of billions of dollars of investment on highways, railways, power stations and other infrastructure projects along the "Belt and Road" routes, which make up two-thirds of the world's landmass? The Middle East has been caught in wars and chaos over the past more than one decade. It has suffered the consequences of the American invasion of Iraq and the "Arab Spring", which resulted in enormous loss to China in Libya, Syria, Sudan and Iraq.

Silk Road initiative to connect people's hearts

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