Former ambassador shares his views on Sino-Japan relations

( China Daily ) Updated: 2015-03-31 08:13:13

Japan's former ambassador to China, Uichiro Niwa, has urged Japan and China to make moves to improve relations. The crux of the matter of Japan-China ties is that the two neighbors should make gestures to improve their relations, he said in an exclusive interview with China Daily. Here are excerpts:

What are your thoughts on your ambassadorship in China, as the first ambassador to the country from a nondiplomatic background?

When I was assigned as the first ambassador to China from the private sector, I was intent on lending an ear to people in China. My words had displeased some politicians because we differed about politics. Actually, the bureaucrats in Japan's Foreign Ministry had no idea of, and were hesitant about addressing, the opinions of people in China. So I failed to relay enough thoughts of Chinese people to Japan's government. I have always proposed that people from the private sector serve as ambassador to China. But the government does not take to this idea. I hope Japan's ambassadors after me will avail themselves of local opinions.

Former ambassador shares his views on Sino-Japan relations

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