New tank unveiled for high-altitude operations

By Zhao Lei ( China Daily ) Updated: 2015-01-01 07:51:46

China has developed a new light tank specifically designed for operations in mountainous regions, Chinese media reported on Wednesday.

The new tank, which has not been officially named yet, has been designated to serve in high-altitude, rugged terrain such as in the Tibet autonomous region, so it has a light weight and a powerful diesel engine suitable for oxygen-deficit environments, according to a report carried on, a well-informed website that often discloses developments in China's military modernization and defense technology.

Displaying pictures of the tank during trials on an unidentified plateau and during road and rail transport, the report said the vehicle is equipped with a cutting-edge hydropneumatic suspension system that ensures better maneuverability and higher survivability in mountainous regions.

New tank unveiled for high-altitude operations

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