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Cease-fire signed in South Sudan

Updated: 2014-01-25 08:09
By Peter Martell in Nairobi ( China Daily)

South Sudan's government and rebels have signed a cease-fire, but analysts warn that bringing battling gunmen on the ground under control and making the truce stick is far from guaranteed.

Weeks of war in the impoverished young nation is feared to have spiraled out of the control of the political leaders, who themselves bickered for weeks to agree even on a first-stage deal, signed late Thursday in neighboring Ethiopia.

Even as the cease-fire was signed, government delegation head Nhial Deng Nhial said he was skeptical of the rebels' capacity to rein in their forces "given that the bulk of the rebels are made up of civilians" - essentially any of the countless people who have kept hold of their guns for decades.

Cease-fire signed in South Sudan