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Maduro calls for calm in Venezuela

Updated: 2013-11-13 08:21
By Agencies in Caracas, Venezuela ( China Daily)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who called for an emptying of shelves when he seized control of a slew of appliance retailers last week, urged calm on Monday as Venezuelans massed outside stores nationwide for a fourth straight day.

Maduro, in a nationally televised address, charged that opposition agitators had infiltrated the long lines that have formed in several cities and were trying to stir up violence. He said he was deploying tens of thousands of volunteer civilian militiamen to assist security forces in crowd control.

"Be calm, these products will stay where they are," Maduro said, adding that under no circumstances would he allow companies to gouge consumers again. "There's no need to sleep outside store doors. Nobody should despair. Nobody should get anxious."

Maduro calls for calm in Venezuela