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Managing the risks of climate change

Updated: 2013-10-10 07:24
By Jim Leape ( China Daily)

Like me, you probably have house insurance. The risk of my house burning down may be small, but it is still there. So it makes sense for me to take precautions against such an eventuality. In other words, insuring your house against fire is all about risk management.

With a major event in the world of climate change - the publication of the fifth Assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - it's worth focusing on climate change as a similar risk management issue.

If it seems like a big leap from the risk of a house razed in a fire to the risk of catastrophic climate change, then let me explain. The IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report - AR5 as it's known by many - is a critical piece of work, involving hundreds of scientists from around the world. Running into thousands of pages, it is the most authoritative assessment of climate change available. Released every six years, assessment reports are published in four parts: three working group reports, followed by a combined "synthesis report". The working group reports deal with climate science, the impact of and adaptation to climate change, and mitigation of climate change.

Managing the risks of climate change