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Museum tells true story of lavender

Updated: 2013-10-02 07:35
( China Daily)

Just a few kilometers from Gordes, the Lavender Museum tells the story of "true lavender" (a jargon used by growers), with exhibitions of objects related to it, such as different tools to distill essence oil. The Lincele family, founder and owner of the museum, has been growing and distilling lavender for five generations.

The museum's staff says it's essential to identify true lavender, which is more precious than the regular kind and has medical uses such as a disinfectant and an anti-parasite product.

According to the museum, true lavender grows only in the arid Provencal hills in altitudes above 800 meters. It's a small cluster, with only one flower on each stem. It takes about 130 kg of lavender flowers to distill 1 liter of essential oils.

Museum tells true story of lavender