Misuse of license plates must stop

By Wu Peng and Liu Zhengmao ( China Daily ) Updated: 2013-05-02 08:00:59

Military vehicles in China will get new license plates from May 1 thanks to a national crackdown on the misuse of such number plates. Military vehicles' number plates are different from those of civilians'. But over the past few years, people have been complaining against the misuse of military vehicles, especially after reports that some are being used for private purpose.

The misuse of military vehicles has indeed tarnished the image of the military. Some vehicles do carry bogus military license plates, which has caused a public outcry even against genuine military vehicles.

The military follows strict rules for issuing license plates, as well as allocation of alarms and other devices for its vehicles. The military vehicle managing body strictly supervises the use of such vehicles, and military drivers who violate regulations are reported against and face severe punishment.

Misuse of license plates must stop

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