US move on Syria risky

( China Daily ) Updated: 2013-03-04 07:51:38

By pledging direct aid to the Syrian opposition, the United States has sent mixed signals to the world about how it seeks to resolve the two-year-old crisis in Syria. One thing is certain, though, that the US move will hinder the international efforts underway to restore peace in Syria.

Speaking in Rome on Thursday, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Washington would give food and medical supplies to the opposition coalition in Syria and provide it an extra $60 million in non-lethal help to rebuild and offer assistance in "liberated areas of Syria".

The US has already provided $50 million in aid to the Syrian opposition through Turkey, which include communications equipment. So the direct US aid to the Syrian rebels is widely seen as a significant shift in Washington's policy toward the Syrian conflict.

US move on Syria risky

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