A trilateral cooperation of mutual gain

By Bhaskar Koirala ( China Daily ) Updated: 2013-02-16 08:12:31

The idea of China-India-Nepal trilateral cooperation appears to be gaining a level of acceptance that was not evident even a few years ago. While proposed cooperation among the three countries requires a detailed, even technical, articulation, a more theoretical and philosophical treatment of the matter is also very much in order.

The process of Asia's two largest countries, both in terms of area and population, combining with a much smaller one like Nepal to advance an agenda of trilateral cooperation is unprecedented. The concept of China-India-Nepal cooperation represents an entirely new current in international relations and would provide an exceptional platform to promote regional peace, stability and growth.

Much of the discourse on China-India relations presents the two countries essentially as future strategic competitors in Asia, if not the world. Mainstream discourse is a reflection of reality, but not necessarily. French philosopher Michael Foucault turned this logic around by arguing that discourse can also create reality. These two positions are not mutually exclusive; they tend to reinforce each other. The process is fungible.

A trilateral cooperation of mutual gain

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