Promoting peace on Korean Peninsula

By Lu Chao, Zhang Wanli and Li Shaode ( China Daily ) Updated: 2013-02-05 07:46:43

The international community is closely watching what is going on in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, speculating whether or when it will conduct another nuclear test.

The DPRK has for long used nuclear tests (or the threat to carry out one) as a bargaining chip to draw the United States to the table and extract "concessions". The DPRK's primary diplomatic goal is to establish relations with the US to ensure its security. It wants a peace agreement to replace the current armistice agreement and the withdrawal of US forces from the Republic of Korea.

But the response from the US has been negative. US President Barack Obama does not seem keen on improving ties with the DPRK and Washington's strategic rebalancing in Asia is aimed partly at Pyongyang.

Promoting peace on Korean Peninsula

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