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Online use, not abuse

Updated: 2013-02-05 07:46
By Liu Jie ( China Daily)

It is a consensus that people's freedom of speech should have legal and political boundaries to prevent wrongdoing

In its World Report 2013 published on Friday, Human Rights Watch, an international non-governmental organization on human rights research and advocacy headquartered in New York, continues lashing out at China, saying "its human rights record remained poor in 2012, with minimal significant progress on political, civil, socio-economic or cultural rights".

"When challenged by its citizens, repression or tactical retreat rather than systemic reform remains the Chinese government's default response," the report claimed, citing some fictional cases to denounce the Chinese government's "violation of internal and international laws". However, it also admitted that the amendments to the Criminal Procedure Law in March and the amendments to the Mental Health Law in October "were improved in key aspects as a result of intensive civil society efforts".

Online use, not abuse