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( China Daily ) Updated: 2013-01-22 07:42:45

Housing vital for today's youth

Lu Jinbo, a renowned Chinese publisher, recently wrote in his weibo account that young people mainly traveled to four cities -Taipei, Tokyo, New York and Lhasa - before they reached the age of 30. He also wrote that a person on the Chinese mainland who buys an apartment before he/she is 35 years old will not achieve "great success" in the future, a claim challenged by many netizens, says an article in China Youth News. Excerpts:

Although Lu Jinbo didn't describe what he meant by "great success", many netizens have said he should not use such standardized terms to judge today's youth. Different people have different definitions of success, and we cannot define a person only on the basis of his/her success in economic social fields.

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