Improve school security

( China Daily ) Updated: 2012-12-17 07:51:05

We feel sad that 22 primary school stu-dents in Central China's Henan province were wounded by a villager with mental health problems wielding a knife on Friday, the same day as 20 children and seven adults in the United States were shot dead by a gunman in Connecticut. While the school shooting in the US brings forth the topic of gun control, the tragedy in China points to the necessity of tightening security in schools, those in rural areas in particular.

This tragedy took place in a rural primary school in Guangshan county and the preliminary investigation shows that the culprit with a knife in his hand entered the school without anyone stopping him, and then he hacked his way from the first floor of the school building to the third floor.

It would have been extremely difficult to stop the gunman who shot the students in Connecticut, but it should have been possible to stop the man from attacking the school children in Guangshan.

Improve school security

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