Best remedy for its maladies

By Wu Sike ( China Daily ) Updated: 2012-11-26 08:03:01

To revitalize its economy and promote the global economic recovery the US should foster good relations with China

While people in the United States are wondering how President Barack Obama will revitalize their battered economy now he has been re-elected for a second term, people in China are wondering how he will handle ties with Beijing.

Why was China mentioned time and again as a reason for concern throughout the 2012 US presidential election? The answer can be found in the headaches that are plaguing the US today: a slow economic recovery and a high unemployment rate. While its economy has continually slowed since the outbreak of the global financial crisis, the US has seen its financial deficits rise more than $1 trillion, a figure that is keeping US business executives on pins and needles. Meanwhile, the US public has felt the sting of the country's high unemployment, as evidenced by several US polls during the presidential campaign that found economic issues and unemployment were the top concerns for 37 percent of respondents. Many people said they were worried about the impact of Chinese commodities on the US economy and feared China's overall development.

Best remedy for its maladies

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