Romney's stance on China debated

By Zhang Yuwei in Tampa, Florida ( China Daily ) Updated: 2012-08-30 08:15:29

It is common knowledge that the economy is foremost in US voters' minds as the 2012 presidential and congressional elections approach. Less clear is the domestic economic impact of international trade, especially with China and Latin America, according to experts attending this week's Republican National Convention.

At the same time, trade between the United States and China has been politicized this election year despite the risks of harming the lucrative relationship between the world's two biggest economies.

Mitt Romney, who was formally nominated on Tuesday at the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida, has been outspoken in his views on China. The former Massachusetts governor and co-founder of private-equity firm Bain Capital has accused President Barack Obama of lacking toughness in handling trade issues with China. Romney claims renminbi is kept artificially cheap, giving Chinese exports an unfair advantage over US goods.

Romney's stance on China debated

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