Multinationals tapping into China's low-carbon market

Updated: 2011-09-23 07:57

By Li Xiang (China Daily)

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Multinationals tapping into China's low-carbon market

A lot of people only associate low-carbon companies with new industries such as renewable energy or solar and wind power, but, traditional industries can also adopt low-emissions standards, according to the managing director of a major cable company in China.

"After a century of service, we've learned that it's possible to leave the world a better place than you found it," Alex Tham, managing director of Alcan Cable China, made this remark during an interview with China Daily, prior to the open ceremony of the second China (Binhai Tianjin) International Eco-city Forum & Expo, in Tianjin.

"Many people think low-carbon and green represent the well-known, renewable energy business such as solar and wind power. In fact, traditional areas such as the cable industry can also adopt a low-carbon-emissions standard as their corporate objective," explained Tham.

As an example, he said, "China has significant aluminum resources and using aluminum alloy cable to reduce the dependence on copper resources for strategic, economic, and environmental levels is not only imperative, but also provides China with a competitive advantage."

Alcan Cable reportedly put around $100 million into the Tianjin Airport Economic Area, in 2007.

The construction area of its world-class manufacturing plant covered 140,000 square meters and made Alcan Cable the first aluminum alloy cable enterprise to tap into the Chinese market.

How the company does in China is important for Alcan Cable strategically. The Tianjin factory has been providing its STABILOY aluminum alloy power cable in China for residential, institutional, and industrial applications

STABILOY cable has experienced a failure-free operations in North America for over 40 years. In five-year period, STABILOY cables have been installed in over 1,000 projects in China.

"A fundamental of Alcan Cable's vision is the creation of economic prosperity that considers the environment in everything we do", said Tham. "At Alcan Cable, HSE (health, safety and the environment) is not a slogan, but an integrated part of the company culture."

With a history spanning over 100 years, Alcan Cable provides its customers with high quality products and outstanding customer service.

As a leading manufacturer of aluminum cable and rod and strip products in North America, Alcan Cable serves the utility, electrical distribution, OEM and renewable energy markets. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Alcan Cable has five manufacturing operations four in North America and one in China.

(China Daily 09/23/2011 page12)