Microblog insights

Updated: 2011-09-20 08:01

(China Daily)

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Microblog insights

Topic 1:

Ever since Chinese company Xiaomi Corp announced its plan to release a 1,999 yuan ($313) smartphone to compete with industry giants such as Apple Inc on Aug 16, it has attracted much attention.

The Xiaomi Phone will be sold online, according to the company, which began accepting reservations on Sept 5 and is scheduled to begin shipments in October. Many smartphone fans are very interested in it.

WOSHICHUANGGE: If Xiaomi can beat iPhone 4 or iPhone 5, I think the Chinese won't buy them any more.

GUTAOTONY: Many Chinese Internet companies, whatever size they are, all focused on the domestic market, and have little global awareness. But Xiaomi Corp is an exception. However, it is far from enough to overtake Apple Inc simply by shouting slogans,

MUYOUYIMAOQIAN: When the Xiaomi Phone comes on the market I will buy one. I hope it will become a legend in the industry.

BERND224: I'm patiently waiting for the Xiaomi Phone's long-awaited release.

Microblog insights

Topic 2:

As the National Day holidays approach, a spate of discussions over travel destinations among micro-bloggers has emerged. Here are some of their opinions and choices.

MIAOXIAOWU: Where to spend my National Day holidays? Hong Kong and Macao, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, Japan and South Korea - all of these are destinations I wish to visit.

KONGLINGUANG: Recently, the China-Eastern Europe travel route is proving to be very popular. As the National Day holidays are coming, many friends have come to consult with me.

CHERRY_LUI: I don't want to visit the travel agency for a trip, but I'm almost at my wit's end thinking about where to go.

7I-RAY: The lodges in the tourist resort Phoenix Town, in Hunan province, are so hateful. It costs about 600 yuan for a room for one day while the price is 100 at other, non-holiday times. Moreover, it's so crowded there. I don't think I will be going there during the National Day holidays.

(China Daily 09/20/2011 page14)