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Updated: 2011-08-05 07:54

(China Daily)

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Arrests in food safety campaign

China has arrested around 2,000 people and closed nearly 5,000 businesses in a major crackdown on illegal food additives, the government said.

China launched the campaign in April following a spate of tainted food scandals, including pork fed with harmful chemicals that produce leaner meat. Nearly six million food businesses have now been investigated and more than 4,900 shut down for "illegal practices", the government's Food Safety Commission said in a statement.

Police have also destroyed "underground" food production and storage sites, and arrested around 2,000 suspects, it said.

China issues typhoon alert

China has issued an orange alert for sea waves, the second highest level alert, to ships and fishing boats on the East China Sea as Typhoon Muifa approaches.

In 24 hours, eastern parts of the East China Sea are likely to see waves of 6 to 9 meters high, said a statement from China's National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center on Thursday, while waters off Zhejiang province and northern Fujian province will see waves of 1.5 to 2.5 meters.

The Zhejiang provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters has ordered local authorities in seaside areas likely to be affected to prepare for the evacuation of residents.


Police nab tomb robbers

Police in Shaanxi province have detained eight people suspected of having looted a complex of ancient graves dating back more than 2,000 years.

Police in Luonan county were tipped off early last month that a complex of graves in a mountain on the outskirts of the county seat had been ransacked, a spokesman with the local public security said.

After more than 20 days of investigation, police found and detained the eight suspects in neighboring Henan province, he said.


Drought dries up drinking water

A lingering drought has left 190,000 people and 28,000 livestock short of drinking water in Zhaotong, Yunnan province, local authorities said on Thursday.

Zhaotong suffered a spring drought from January to March, and lack of rainfall since May and high temperatures since mid-July have aggravated the drought situation. The dry weather had withered up almost 220,000 hectares of crops and dried up 15 rivers.

Xinhua - AFP

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