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People make their way past cars carried by a tsunami to the entrance of an elementary school after an earthquake in Sendai, northeastern Japan, on Saturday. Elsewhere, fires raged and parts of some cities were under water.     Kyodo / Reuters


Senior official calls for cap on coal consumption

BEIJING - A senior environmental official said China should consider capping coal consumption in Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, amid growing environmental pressures caused by rapid economic growth.

Libyan case proves China's emergency capability

Massive Ningxia relocation set to start soon

Food safety still an issuefor cautious consumers

Sunday News

Japan reels from disaster

Tokyo - Rescuers struggled to reach survivors on Saturday as Japan reeled after an earthquake and tsunami struck in deadly tandem.

No harm to China from Japanese nuclear accident

Beijing offers aid as Chinese worry about kin in Japan

Sunday People

A woman's way

Cosmo China editor explores modern phenomenon of 'leftover girls' and opportunities for today's readers. Gan Tian reports.

New French ambassador comes to the capital

Mending the fu er dai's reputation

Sunday Image

Sessions scenes

As the two meetings in the capital worked their way to conclusions this week, many took time to enjoy the people and the pageantry that makes the event a celebration as well as a policy forum. China Daily photographers track the ongoing drama.

Lifestyle Trends

Sometimes, even starlets eat like real human beings

Jennifer Lawrence, an Oscar nominee for her leading role in "Winter's Bone," wants it known that a skimpy morning repast is not going to satisfy her.

Is it the real thing? Again, Coke says no

Throwaway culture pauses, making stuff last longer

Science and Technology

Next stop,frequent fliers in space

Within a couple of years, tourists may be rocketing into space aboard a Virgin Galactic space plane - paying $200,000 for about four minutes of weightlessness.

Trying to unravel a flaw in speech

Arts and Styles

For 'Potter' star,time to transform

It seems fair to say that Daniel Radcliffe has not grown up quite like any other young star before him, and has not turned out like anyone expected.

An illustrator's macabre whimsy enjoys an afterlife

Valuable scribblings on the margins, endangered in a digital age

Sunday Style

As time goes by

Drop in for tea at 796 Huaihai Lu in the center of Shanghai, and you cannot fail to be impressed by the sprawling English-style landscaped garden and the 1920s colonial villa there. This well-preserved mansion is now home to a Swiss luxury watchmaker, Vacheron Constantin. Dominique Bernaz is a frequent visitor here since it opened in 2008. The villa, named Vacheron Constantin Mansion, is an elegant store with a collectors?salon, a customer service center, and home to the label's vaunted "Atelier Cabinotiers Special Order?service.

Classic pieces at the fair

Sunday Travel

Surprising perth

If my Australian colleague Tym did not send me an e-mail giving me tips on traveling in Perth, I would have written the city on the west coast of Australia off my itinerary. Like most Chinese tourists, my knowledge of Down Under was limited to the east coast, with its well-known attractions such as Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, the Great Barrier Reef ?

Departure gate