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Updated: 2011-02-25 07:54
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Regulation on reporting

Journalists must apply for approval, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, before they conduct interviews in Beijing, according to the information office of the Beijing municipal government.

They must also obtain permission from potential interviewees (work units or individuals) and carry a valid press card, according to a notice issued on Thursday.

Journalists are also required to abide by relevant regulations, it added.

Surgery program begins

Around 11,000 cataract patients in China's rural areas will receive surgery from mobile medical clinics in 2011, said the organizer of the medical visits on Thursday.

Four trains, each with four cars and each carrying advanced medical instruments and eye surgeons, will stop at 11 stations in seven provinces and autonomous regions this year to conduct free cataract surgery, according to a statement from Lifeline Express Foundation.

Following a ceremony, the four trains will depart from Beijing's west railway station on April 11.


Capsule hotel refused

Because of fire and safety concerns, fire authorities in Shanghai declined to give a certification to China's first capsule hotel.

Xitai Capsule Hotel, near the city's railway station, is often acclaimed for its ingenuity in finding ways to lodge travelers in small spaces at cheap prices. Even so, recent revelations have indicated that flammable materials were used during the construction of the building, according to the local fire department.

Furthermore, inspectors said that the average space for each guest, measuring 2.4 square meters, did not meet the city's basic requirement for houses and may prove to be too cramped in emergency evacuations.

Modeled after the capsule hotels in Japan, the 300-square-meter hotel consists of 68 "capsules", or, as critics call them, "coffins".


Rain to relieve severe drought

Rain is expected to fall this week on arid farmland in China's chief wheat producing province, which is suffering its worst drought in six decades.

The weather service of Shandong province said on Thursday that "sufficient" rainfall will begin on late Thursday in the province's southeast region and reach other places in the next three days.

Medium to heavy rain and snowfalls are expected in some parts of Shandong over the weekend, leading to a maximum of 35 millimeters of precipitation.

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