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Updated: 2010-10-25 07:50
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Mom finds son after years, son picks foster family

A woman who finally found her son after a 15-year search had to walk away from him empty-handed, for he refused to abandon his foster parents in Dongguan, Guangdong province.

Huang Lajiao, 52, gave her second-born son up for adoption some 20 years ago due to financial difficulties. But as finances started improving, Huang started looking for the boy and 15 years later, found out that her son's name was Li Bin and he lived in Dongguan.

Huang traveled to meet him, hoping a "sorry" and a love-filled hug would suffice to bring her child back to her.

Li did hug his mother and told her he was happy to see her, but politely refused to accompany her to her hometown.

"I have my own family now, a big and happy one. I have to think about them, too," Li said after his mother left.

(Dongguan Times)

Man goes undercover to save father from pyramid scheme

A man went undercover to join a pyramid selling organization to rescue his father from the scheme in Haikou, Hainan province, recently.

The man's father, surnamed Yang, borrowed 70,000 yuan ($10,500) from friends and relatives, saying he was going to start a business with a friend.

A few days later, the son figured his father had been sucked into a pyramid scheme.

In a bid to gather evidence for the police and save his father, the son approached the group and expressed a desire to join the scheme.

He informed the police of his undercover operation, which eventually led to the arrest of the organizers.

It took the police hours to explain to the man's father that a pyramid scheme is nothing but a scam, which bears no fruit for the investors.

(Nanguo Metropolis Daily)

HK resident caught at border with belly full of cameras

Customs officers in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, detained a Hong Kong resident who allegedly tried to smuggle 53 digital cameras, which were taped around his stomach and legs, into the mainland last week.

The man, surnamed Luo, stuck his belly out and tottered through security check, when officers stopped him for questioning.

Luo, whose nervousness was evident in his answers, which did not make much sense, was asked to undress in a private chamber.

Zhuhai customs officers, in their own words, were not expecting what they saw next. A total of 53 cameras, worth about 55,000 yuan ($8,250), were tied to Luo's belly and legs, making him look much bigger than he actually is.

Luo has been transferred to the customs anti-smuggling bureau for further questioning.

(Guangzhou Daily)

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